Author: Marje Rickerby

Hedgehog face off


Well its hog eat hog out there at the feeding station! One gentle little hedgehog returning home when hungry Mr Prickles muscles in without an ‘if you please?’

This box has been very successful once we worked out how to angle the entrance so the farm cats cannot help themselves. It’s a constant pleasure to see the hedgehogs. We still hope one day to see Mother and babies because we know they have nested here in the past. We feed them with kitten biscuits, and they have a bowl of water(they must not have milk or fish products) It must be popular as the dish is always empty come the morning.

Apparently September is when a lot of hogs have another brood. Those little babies have to put on weight before they hibernate so we will keep up the food supply until the really hard frosts come.

Baby birds and wildflowers

At last we have had a bit of rain and the river looks much better, flowing nicely. The kingfishers continue to flash up and down just above the water and the otter has visited too. The kites are also quite numerous in the valley. I see more kites than buzzards these days and there are plenty enough of them too.

We have lots of baby birds around at the moment including young greater spotted woodpeckers (the ones with the red caps). They are quite noisy with their ‘chip, chip, chip’ call. Hanging noisily on the nut feeder they tend to keep the other birds away, as well as the squirrel.

The wildflower mini meadow is thriving. The yellow rattle is ‘rattling’ with seeds, there are dog daisies, blue knapweed and much, much more. The butterflies are feasting happily and I have to frequently check the butterfly spotters chart as I am not so good at naming them.

A young jay came down to enjoy a dip in the water this morning and we have been pleased to see hedgehogs.

Our guests have been out and about visiting local gardens, castles and museums as well as enjoying the local pub food lunchtimes and evenings. Long may the good summer days go on.


A beautiful May day out amongst the blossoms

There are so many things to do at this time of year, my very favourite with spring blossoms everywhere. The May (Hawthorn) is spectacular this year with snow like blossom covering the hills and hedgerows. The weather has been lovely so a trip out to Kington first for lunch at the Cattle Shed at Penrhos Court. From there it is just a short ride to Hergest Croft Gardens. The rhododendrons and azaleas along with the bluebells in the wood were just some of the delights of the visit. A gentle walk around with a pause for rest on one of the garden seats beneath the tree canopy. There to listen to the trickle of the brook and the songbirds and enjoy the views; our very own ‘mindfulness moment’ before tripping over the lawns to the tea rooms for tea cake and ice cream. Just another lovely trip out from the cottage.

Sun and wildflowers aplenty


We have had so much sun, still no rain but the little wildflower meadow at the bottom of the garden has really developed well this year. There is plenty of yellow rattle to break down the grass a little, plantain, creeping sailor, lots of beautiful yellow buttercups and much else. A smattering of several colours of aquilegia set it off nicely…though they are not ‘wild’ flowers. The roses on the terraces and around the front door are just now coming in to bloom. Lots for the bees and butterflies. John has mown a path down to the river so you can still hop over the stile and dabble your feet in.

Sunny weather, bluebells and lots to see and do now

Well it is May and the weather has been beautiful so far, though a little bit of rain would not come amiss! However the lack of rain has not prevented the most beautiful display of bluebells all around. The woods above the cottage and in Knighton as well as areas up and down the valley are a dark blue haze of beauty.

Our guests have, as usual been enjoying the view from the sun room and have seen plenty of birdlife….and ewes with lambs of course. The lambs bounce about and dance along the stones at the edge of the river. They don’t care who is watching.

There is so much to see and visit. A walk through the bluebell woods a trip to the Elan valley or just our lovely little museum in Knighton so tearing yourself away from the sunroom and the many books should be easy?!

Spring so beautiful

We have had some beautiful spring days and now it is Easter. There are daffodils lining the road and lambing is in full swing. There are ewes with their lambs in the fields, both at the back and the front of the cottage and their bleats are continuous. Occasionally they come down to the river to play and drink which gives the guests a fine view from the sun room. The birds are very busy on the feeders and the dawn chorus is a joy in this quiet place.

Happy Easter!

Its snowy here!

walking in the snow

Well we have had quite a bit of snow over the last two days and everywhere is sparkling and pretty today in the sun. The road is clear as the gritter has been up and down constantly. I don’t think we have had this much snow since I took this picture some 10 or so years ago behind the cottage. Nothing has changed it is still as beautiful as it was then. Our visitors are relaxing, enjoying the scenery and feeding the birds from the comfort of a heated sunroom.

Snowdrops everywhere

What a good year it is for snowdrops! They are carpeting the banks all along the valley as well as in the cottage garden. Such a hopeful sign of spring along with the beautiful sunny days we have been having.