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Green Holidays at Rose Cottage

It seems that at last the world is waking up to climate change.We have noticed some very unseasonable events occurring over the years in our valley- primroses growing in autumn to name just one observation. We have stunning countryside which we wish to preserve. With the continuing failure of governments to address the issue it really is now down to individuals like us to try to make a difference, and in our own small way try to reduce our energy consumption.

Visitors help us to do this in Rose Cottage by recycling in the bins provided and using the ash bin which we compost, as well as the compost bin.

We have insulated Rose Cottage and it is warm (along with the insulation the walls are thick, as in the style of 200+ years ago).

We are on mains water but dispose of our own sewage so only use natural products down the loo which maintains its efficiency. (Visitors enjoy the ‘lavatory humour’ of an informative book we provide about how to live with a septic tank!)

Wildlife care

We provide and use green household products to stop chemicals eventually ending up in the river because the river is a wonderful habitat, clear and clean, and we want it to stay that way.

Our visitors have so enjoyed watching the river from the sun room. Shy Kingfishers and even otters have been seen to their great delight! We have enjoyed sitting close to the river, having a picnic on the grass. Sitting patiently and quietly it is amazing what there is to see.

We love encouraging the wildlife here and hope you will too. You will see bee boxes, nesting boxes, bat boxes, insect hibernation boxes and hedgehog homes. We garden organically so do not use pesticides at all, perhaps that is why we have so many bank voles feeding amongst the flowers on the terracing! There is also an amazing variety of insects too for you to find, especially in the log pile.

Part of staying in Rose Cottage is to enjoy feeding the many birds which visit. We have loads of bird feeders (and a squirrel feeder) to refill and we provide some of the bird food. In this way we support the bird population and you will really enjoy watching them, they get really close to the windows! Children (and adults) like to watch the boxes for activity and they have been rewarded for their patience.

Saving Energy

Our electricity supplier uses energy from renewable sources. We have installed a combi boiler, used ‘A’ rated appliances where we can and have insulated the roof and the windows to try to conserve heat.

Have fun with the ‘energy meter’ the children do-they like to watch how much it would cost if they left the kettle on all day!

We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof. You are able to see how much electricity we generate from the sun by watching the meter on the wall in the living room. Judge for yourself how worthwhile an investment it is.

The underfloor heating in the Garden Room uses electricity from the solar panels.

Local Food

Where we can we shop locally- hardly a problem, the food is better!

We provide you with fairly traded, locally sourced products in the cottage.

We consider Andrew and Tom Pugh’s meat in Knighton to be second to none- locally sourced and slaughtered. A long established, old fashioned family butcher, Tom and his team are always able to advise customers where the meat has come from and how best to cook it!

Two miles down the road the Knucklas Castle Community Land Project is a relatively new venture involving all members of the village community. Vegetables from their very productive allotments are now sold every weekend during the growing season, outside the Castle village pub. (They have just been granted the Welsh Green Heroes award from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers).

Mick and Alice our local organic market gardeners in Knighton, also provide a great choice of locally grown organic vegetables and flowers. Mick has a shop in West Street in Knighton where you can discuss the many ways to prevent slugs chomping your veggies without resorting to poison! Mick also runs a vegetable box scheme. The shop is shared with Precious Earth, a wonderful place to find presents, kitchen gadgets, and all things eco-friendly.

You will find local supplies at the farmers market, Knighton, and our local post office at Beguildy also provides organic meat and groceries.

The food in the pubs is local and very good there are three, two and four miles from the cottage- should you need any more insider info then give us a ring! (There is also the famous Waterdine restaurant close by for really pushing the boat out!)

Over the year there are several food festivals celebrating welsh regional food and they are always worth going to!

Ludlow has a very famous one too, annually in October.

Getting away from the car for a change!

Our nearest station on the Heart of Wales line is in Knucklas, four miles down the B4355 road from Rose Cottage. Folk do cycle this road but there are lots of bends so it is really only suitable for alert adults. This is a very rural area so there are only a few buses and trains but we can meet guests at the station should this be required. There are many safer cycle routes and lots of walks to be taken from the cottage. You may enjoy our favourites and we have provided maps of walks from the cottage. We also provide cycle routes as well as bus and train timetables if you want a more relaxing break. Comprehensive tourist info is provided in the cottage and you can always ask us too!


We have joined which is really fun, what we don’t want someone else does and vice versa! (It's amazing what is offered and what people will recycle!) We belong to the Soil Association, Garden Organic and the Centre for Alternative Technology (in Machynlleth, well worth a visit).

Should you be at all interested in our reasons for ‘going green’ then you will find books and a video in the bookcase by the front door.

Alternatively if you are interested then we can demonstrate our solar panels and other efforts we have made-organics, wild food etc at 'Hawthorns' too.

We hope that by the time you leave you will have had a wonderful experience of comfortable green living with lots to see and enjoy even if you choose (as visitors often do) just to stay around the cottage itself.

A lovely cottage with superb views all around. Walks close to hand and the cottage a short drive away from good pubs which served delicious food.

PJB, Oldham

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